I was honored to be on Jonathan Milligan’s “Blogging Your Passion” Podcast. We talked about what makes for a great book concept and how bloggers can use their blogs to create great books. This is a relatively short podcast, but we packed a lot in. Hope you enjoy it.

Date: July 17, 2014
Appearance: Jonathan Milligan’s “Blogging Your Passion” Podcast
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Format: Podcast

It was a lot of fun being interviewed by my friend Dale Callahan on his “Company of One” Podcast. We talked about how publishers make publishing decisions, how to decide whether to publish or self-publish, and how books are like small businesses. I think you’ll enjoy it!

Date: July 15, 2014
Time: Available now
Appearance: Dale Callahan’s “Company of One” Podcast
Outlet: Link
Format: Podcast

3 Superpowers I Picked Up at the World Domination Summit

Chris Guillebeau takes the stage at World Domination Summit 2014

A few years ago the Baker Books acquisitions assistant at the time recommended Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Non-Conformity to me. I loved the book. In it Chris points out that we don’t have to do life as it is almost always prescribed to us. We don’t have to earn a degree, get a job, and […]

I was honored to be interviewed on Rebecca Livermore’s “Professional Content Creation” Podcast. We talked about how to get started on a book project, the most important metric in platform building, and what publishers look for in any book they publish. Click here to listen.

Date: July 10, 2014
Time: Available now
Appearance: Rebecca Livermore’s “Professional Content Creation” Podcast
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Format: Podcast

3 Questions Publishers Will Ask about Your Next Book Project

photo credit: Baltic Development Forum via photopin cc

For aspiring writers the “pub board meeting,” where book contracts are won and lost, is mysterious and even unnerving. “What goes on in there?” writers wonder. “What’s the conversation like?” For over ten years I’ve been attending publishing board meetings in an acquisitions role for a large book publisher. I’ve learned to anticipate the most […]

The Essential Ingredient to Your Success That You’re Probably Overlooking

I saw the film Her weeks ago, and one element of the movie still haunts me. Set in futuristic LA, it’s about a man named Theodore Twombly (played by Joachin Phoenix) who ends up dating his artificially intelligent operating system. Far-fetched, perhaps, but I enjoyed this quirky cinematic excursion. The way Theodore communicates with his […]

A Story about the Right Motivation for Creative Work


We can do it for the money or the prestige or freedom. We can do it because we have a message we want to send into the world. Why do we, why do you, do this creative work? In this video I tell a story about (who else?) my mom that illustrates one of the best motivations […]

How Coming Up with a Power Statement Can Help You Do Your Art


Many of us are pursuing our dreams in the margins of life. We have work commitments, family commitments, volunteer commitments, the list goes on. So if we’re going to get after our dreams, we need a way to spur ourselves to action. In this video I share about how coming up with a “power statement” has […]