10 Things I Learned from Hosting My First Webinar


Well, okay, it wasn’t quite my first. It was my second, but it was my first real shot at hosting a webinar by myself. I called it “3 Steps to Winning a Nonfiction Book Contract,” and here’s what I learned in no particular order. 1. Webinars are fun! I really enjoy the anticipation of the event […]

Why the Market Is Not Too Crowded for Your Message

A lot of other people have written about this. Is there room for one more? Does it make sense for me to write about it too?” As editorial director for a book publisher, I get this question a lot. In fact, I’ve asked it too. I remember emailing successful blogger and author Jeff Goins to ask about […]

Whether you’re a writer, speaker, or coach, the right bio opens doors. I’m hosting a workshop webinar where we will draft our bios together. By the end you will have a new bio you can put to work right away. All registrants receive the replay. Join us!


Date: July 3, 2015
Time: 3:00-4:00 p.m. (EDT)
Topic: How to Craft a Killer Bio
Public: Public
Registration: Click here to register.

Confessions of a Flawed Editor


Editing is a tricky business. What I want more than anything is for your book to hum. I want it to be such an engrossing experience that a reader would sooner take a bus than drive, just for a few more moments in your book. Legendary editor Sol Stein says the writer’s job is to […]

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Book Proposal Stands Out


Later today I’ll be discussing about fifteen book proposals with my editorial colleagues. We’ll review them with an eye toward deciding which ones should move on to our publishing board (where publishing decisions are made) and which ones should be declined. The reality is only a small number will move on. Imagine your book proposal […]

5 Steps for Coming Up with an Awesome Working Title for Your Nonfiction Book


Titles are important. At Baker Books, where I work, every publishing season (spring, summer, and fall) we schedule multiple titling meetings. First titling team members brainstorm individually. Then we come together and refine our options. We’re trying to come with the best possible title and subtitle combination—the one that will give a book its best […]

The Key to Getting a Book Contract (A Manifesto)

photo credit: Keymaster (HDR) via photopin (license)

The key to getting a book contract is looking way beyond the book contract to when your book hits shelves. The key to getting a book contract is pairing a great idea with a significant platform and compelling writing. The key to getting a book contract is, in a word, hustle. Every publisher loves to […]

5 Terrifically Useful Tools for Writers 

I’m so pleased to be guest-posting over at Sandi Krakowski’s blog today. Sandi is a social media expert and successful entrepreneur. We met recently at the ReWrite conference and became fast friends. My post describes 5 really useful tools that will help you write your book. Enjoy! Here’s the link: http://www.arealchange.com/blog/writing-book-hard-5-tools

3 Fatal Flaws of Rejected Book Proposals


In the world of nonfiction publishing, the book proposal is king. Writers, agents, and editors may have conversations before the book proposal. But all the real action takes place when the proposal hits publishers’ inboxes. If you’re a nonfiction writer who wants traditional publishing houses to take you seriously, a strong proposal is the place to invest […]

Interview with Professional Blogger Jonathan Milligan, a Living Legend


Jonathan Milligan is a professional blogger, entrepreneur, speaker, life coach, social media expert, and all around great guy! I met him via Michael Hyatt’s Platform University in the forum there. He threw out an invitation to join a mastermind group, and I jumped. So glad I did. Jonathan was in the “head hunter” recruitment world when […]