If you’re a writer in or around Michigan, Write on the Red Cedar (January 16-17, 2015) looks like a terrific opportunity. I’ll be speaking there Saturday morning on how to make the writing journey sustainable. Click the link below for an interview they did with me and more information about the event. Hope to see you there!

Event: Write on the Red Cedar: A Premier Midwestern Writing Retreat
Topic: You Can Do This! An Editor’s Manifesto on How to Stay Motivated and Keep Moving toward Publication
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How to Find Success (It’s Simpler than You Think)


The more I work with successful people and observe how they become successful, I’m convinced: success is not the result of some magic key. It doesn’t happen to people who are smarter or prettier or more talented than everybody else, or at least that’s not how it happens most of the time. It’s much simpler […]

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Sending a Book Idea to an Editor or Agent


I recently received this question from an aspiring writer: “I have a contact in book acquisitions who is willing to look over a proposal. I have ideas and draft work for like 4 books. How do I decide what to send him?” Friend and author Michelle DeRusha and I are in the middle of a training […]

How to Get Published: A 3-Part Conversation with Author Michelle DeRusha and Me


Imagine you could pick up the phone when you needed writing or publishing advice and talk to two professionals with over 35 years of combined experience. These two have racked up a host of publishing/writing credits and have helped hundreds of other people get published and make progress toward their writing and publishing dreams. Do […]

3 Things I Learned about Building a Platform When My Blog Posts Went Viral

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When I started my Christian parenting blog, Christian Mom Thoughts, three years ago, I didn’t have any specific objectives in mind. But over time my readership and interest in writing steadily grew. Like many bloggers, I started dreaming of writing books. I began to research the publishing world and immediately ran into the word “platform” […]

The 2-Step Plan for Increasing Your Creativity

Business man yoga

Stand up, everybody,” the perky lady said from up front. “We’re going to do a little stand-in-place yoga to get our blood moving.” Great, I thought to myself. Comfortably seated at a conference with two hundred strangers, I was not excited about getting up and moving my pudgy body in unusual ways for all to […]

The Best Thing to Do When You Don’t Know What to Do

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I would have slammed into her if I hadn’t been looking. Luckily, at that particular moment anyway, I was, and so stopped within a few feet of her flashing hazards. The silver 1990s Corolla was bunching up the morning commute, and clearly the car was going nowhere. On another morning, a more hectic morning, no […]

Why You Must Not Ignore the Benefits of a Mastermind Group

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A group of friends got together to ask some questions. They ended up changing the world. In 1727 Benjamin Franklin started a group of about twelve souls whose purpose was individual and community improvement. The “Junto,” as Franklin called it, met on Friday nights and went through a list of questions including: What new story have you […]

I was honored to be on Jeff Goins’ “The Portfolio Life” podcast. We talked about what it takes to get a traditional book contract. We had a lot of fun in this informative conversation. I hope it’s helpful to you.

Date: September 25, 2014
Appearance: Jeff Goins’ “The Portfolio Life” Podcast
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How New York Times Bestselling Author Chris Guillebeau Wrote His Latest Book


Several years back a colleague recommended Chris Guillebeau’s The Art of Nonconformity, which was a real eye-opener to me. The book challenges readers to think about unconventional ways of doing life and making a living, and honestly I’ve never been the same. I can draw a straight line from his book to the creation of Book Proposal Academy, […]