The Best Business Book I’ve Read in a Long Time

5 Reasons I Really Like Timothy Askew’s Book *The Poetry of Small Business*


Becoming an entrepreneur has done a lot more than pay the bills over the years, it’s saved my life.” That’s the first line of a wonderful little book by Inc. columnist Timothy Askew, The Poetry of Small Business: An Accidental Entrepreneur’s Search for Meaning. As I make my way into entrepreneurism, I find myself hungry […]

How to Be Yourself and Make Money

Embracing the Artful Tension between Identity and Value Creation

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The way we work is changing rapidly. The number of us who have opted out of traditional corporate or government employment is growing. According to such sources as Forbes and Public Sector Digest, by the year 2020, 40 to 50 percent of the workforce in the U.S. will be freelancers. By 2030 we will be the […]

How to Stay Fresh and Create Your Best Content

3 Steps That Make All the Difference

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Recently my family traveled to the Salt Lake City area to visit my dad. On the way to the airport following our visit, my eight-year-old son asked why the Salt Lake was full of salt water instead of fresh water. My dad explained the Salt Lake has no outlets. Water comes in, but it can’t […]

To My Son about His Tears

What I Wish More Men Knew about Emotions

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My son’s at an age when he has some difficulty maintaining his emotions. You can sense it in the crack of his voice or the quiver of his lip. When these times come, my wife and I know that if we can’t stem the tide quickly, the dam will overflow. The cause can be as inane […]

Why Blogging Might Be Your Fastest Way to Secure a Book Deal

If you have ever known a clean-shaven man who quickly grew a beard, you have a clue about changes in the publishing industry over the past five to ten years. Publishing today looks very different from how it looked a few years ago, and the transition can catch you off guard. Whether it’s the decline […]

10 Things I Learned from Hosting My First Webinar


Well, okay, it wasn’t quite my first. It was my second, but it was my first real shot at hosting a webinar by myself. I called it “3 Steps to Winning a Nonfiction Book Contract,” and here’s what I learned in no particular order. 1. Webinars are fun! I really enjoy the anticipation of the event […]

Why the Market Is Not Too Crowded for Your Message

A lot of other people have written about this. Is there room for one more? Does it make sense for me to write about it too?” As editorial director for a book publisher, I get this question a lot. In fact, I’ve asked it too. I remember emailing successful blogger and author Jeff Goins to ask about […]

Whether you’re a writer, speaker, or coach, the right bio opens doors. I’m hosting a workshop webinar where we will draft our bios together. By the end you will have a new bio you can put to work right away. All registrants receive the replay. Join us!


Date: July 3, 2015
Time: 3:00-4:00 p.m. (EDT)
Topic: How to Craft a Killer Bio
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Registration: Click here to register.

Confessions of a Flawed Editor


Editing is a tricky business. What I want more than anything is for your book to hum. I want it to be such an engrossing experience that a reader would sooner take a bus than drive, just for a few more moments in your book. Legendary editor Sol Stein says the writer’s job is to […]

4 Ways to Make Sure Your Book Proposal Stands Out


Later today I’ll be discussing about fifteen book proposals with my editorial colleagues. We’ll review them with an eye toward deciding which ones should move on to our publishing board (where publishing decisions are made) and which ones should be declined. The reality is only a small number will move on. Imagine your book proposal […]