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In just a few minutes you’ll be on your way to coming up with a great book concept!

Having worked with hundreds of writers over 16-plus years, I have learned that coming up with a book concept can be really tough. You may have some idea of what you want to write, but how do you get from this idea to a fully formed concept that readers will actually want to buy?

This infographic will take you through a simple 2-step process that will help you do just that. I will also send you my book proposal template, which takes the guess work out of what goes into a great book proposal.

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  • Nancy Teune

    Thanks Chad. I am a start and stop writer and your blog posts always remind me that the desire is still in there even if circumstances block my vision from time to time.
    Many blessings to you,

    • Indeed, desire is a resilient asset that can be ignited with just a little effort. Like embers in a fire, sometimes we need to coalesce different facets of desire (outcomes, calling, potential rewards) to really get it going. Remind yourself of why your writing is important to you.