5 Ways Writing Can Increase Intimacy between You and Your Spouse

Inviting Your Spouse into the Creative Process

My friend and coworker started off our premarried class by proclaiming to a room full of optimistic but naïve engaged and dating couples, “MARRIAGE IS HARD, AND YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!” While the chances of death for each of us continues to clock in at a solid 100 percent, all married couples know the […]

This One Decision Will Release Your Extraordinary and Unique Creativity

At my local YMCA, the gym where I’m a member, you go one direction to lift weights or use machines. You go the other direction to attend one of the group fitness classes. Earlier this week I decided, for the first time since joining a couple of months ago, to go the group fitness direction. […]

How a Writer Self-Published a High-Quality Book That Now Generates a Passive Income

And You Can Do the Same . . .

Anyone looking at my resume would probably not consider me employable. And yet every job I’ve worked has informed what I do now in my life as a solopreneur. Once I finally decided what I wanted to be when I grew up (at 50), I decided to publish a book. The book had been inside […]

How One Writer Went from Blogging to Book Contracts in 5 Years

An Interview with Natasha Crain

If you’re a writer with a book inside you, a platform builder, or someone who simply wants to have an impact in the world, this interview is for you. Join me today for a conversation with author and blogger Natasha Crain. Over the past five years Natasha has steadily grown her blog traffic and subscriber […]

4 Emotional Obstacles That Trip Writers Up, Plus How to Work Through Them

A Guest Post from Literary Agent Maria Ribas

I often laughingly say that the job of a literary agent is to be a therapist and coach as much as a negotiator and advocate. It’s funny, but it’s true. On an average day we’re just as likely to be talking an author off the ledge as negotiating a contract. Through this I’ve found one […]

The Writer’s Stress-Free Guide to Meeting with an Acquisitions Editor or Literary Agent

5 Things Smart Writers Do

Meeting with an acquisitions editor or literary agent can feel like a mixed blessing. Getting to talk with a publishing pro about your work is obviously a great opportunity. But these meetings often come with severe time limitations, which can make the whole experience very stressful. In this article I’d like to offer five things […]

Why Even New Bloggers Should Make Building a Team a Priority

Guest Post from Rebecca Livermore

If you’re fairly new to blogging, the thought of building a team may never have even crossed your mind. After all, blogging is a solitary endeavor, right? Well, yes, it is. Except when it isn’t. I contend that the best blogs – including brand new ones – are never built alone. They grow exponentially with the […]

How to Turn Your Blog Posts into a Book Publishers Will Love

As editorial director for a major trade book publisher, I regularly receive questions like this: Is it okay to blog content that I want to use in my book? Will publishers mind if my blog content ends up in my book? If my book proposal is for a book based on my blog, will publishers […]

How to Be Yourself and Make Money

Embracing the Artful Tension between Identity and Value Creation

The way we work is changing rapidly. The number of us who have opted out of traditional corporate or government employment is growing. According to such sources as Forbes and Public Sector Digest, by the year 2020, 40 to 50 percent of the workforce in the U.S. will be freelancers. By 2030 we will be the […]

How to Stay Fresh and Create Your Best Content

3 Steps That Make All the Difference

Recently my family traveled to the Salt Lake City area to visit my dad. On the way to the airport following our visit, my eight-year-old son asked why the Salt Lake was full of salt water instead of fresh water. My dad explained the Salt Lake has no outlets. Water comes in, but it can’t […]