Veteran Book Publicist Reveals How to Attract Media Attention

An Interview with Heather Adams, Cofounder of Choice Media and Communications 

Book publishers often think of publicity as the Holy Grail of marketing and for good reason: Media attention has the potential to skyrocket sales. So how does it all work and what do writers need to know about attracting media attention? To find out I turned to 20-year book publicist Heather Adams of Choice Media […]

5 Literary Agents Tell You Exactly How to Secure Representation for Your Book

Exploring 5 Different Methods

I travel a bit for work, and one part of the process that always causes me a bit of anxiety is getting into my hotel room. The process is rarely without incident. Often I feel like a complete doofus as I swipe my key card a dozen times waiting for the green light to flash […]

How to Get a Bigger Audience for Your Writing [Free Video]

Recently I asked readers of my blog this question: “What’s the biggest creative challenge or obstacle you are facing?” As I read through the responses, I noticed one particular theme came up again and again: the desire for a bigger audience. Listen to some of these responses; these are direct quotes: “I feel stuck in a […]

How One Writer Went from Blogging to Book Contracts in 5 Years

An Interview with Natasha Crain

If you’re a writer with a book inside you, a platform builder, or someone who simply wants to have an impact in the world, this interview is for you. Join me today for a conversation with author and blogger Natasha Crain. Over the past five years Natasha has steadily grown her blog traffic and subscriber […]

Top 10 Things I Learned at Jeff Goins’ Tribe Conference

I recently attended Jeff Goins’ Tribe Conference and thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re a writer or a creative of another type who wants to hone your voice and expand your reach, I highly recommend Tribe! Below are the top 10 things I learned from Tribe: 1. Jeff Goins nurtures a terrific community.  I was uber impressed […]

Unlocking Publisher Secrets

A Conversation with an Acquisitions Editor

Earlier this month book-marketing expert Chad Cannon and I jumped on a video call to have a no-holds-barred conversation about all things publishing. Here are just some of the questions we covered: Tell us about the role of an acquisitions editor. What do you look for when you pursue an author or a project?  What are […]

The “Smarter Not Harder” Way to Get a Literary Agent

Interview with Literary Agent Angela Scheff

How do I secure a literary agent?” This is an excellent question writers often ask me. Many publishers (including my employer, Baker Publishing Group) are explicit about not accepting submissions unless they come through an agent. So if you’re pursuing traditional publishing, getting an agent is essential. I asked this and some other questions in an […]

The Writer’s Stress-Free Guide to Meeting with an Acquisitions Editor or Literary Agent

5 Things Smart Writers Do

Meeting with an acquisitions editor or literary agent can feel like a mixed blessing. Getting to talk with a publishing pro about your work is obviously a great opportunity. But these meetings often come with severe time limitations, which can make the whole experience very stressful. In this article I’d like to offer five things […]

3 Ways to Make the Most of a Writer’s Conference Before It Even Starts

A Guest Post from Christa Hutchins

About this time last year, I signed up for a writer’s conference, the She Speaks Conference hosted by Proverbs 31 Ministries. I thought, “This is going to be fun!! Can’t wait till I get there!” But reality confronted me when I joined a Facebook group with other attendees. There was actual WORK to do before the conference! […]

How Hemingway Kept His Momentum Going and You Can Too

Using “Hemingway’s Hack” to Beat the Blank Page

Not long ago my wife and I finished reading Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory to my son. A great feature of the particular edition we read him was an interview with the author in the back. One of the questions the interviewer posed to Dahl was, “How do you keep the momentum […]