7 Ways to Make It Easy for Publishers to Offer You a Book Contract

Because . . . Why Make It Hard?

Recently my wife texted me while I was at work just after a snow storm. “We started to shovel,” she said, “but it’s too much. Can you blow it?” “I’d love to!” I replied. I wasn’t being sarcastic. I love operating my snowblower, not least because it makes an otherwise grueling job a relatively simple one. […]

The One Crippling Fear Every Writer Faces

What It Is and How to Overcome It

What’s your deepest fear?” That’s the question I asked in a recent survey of writers and other creatives, and following were some of the responses: “That people will see the real me and discover it’s not all that great.” “That my voice (in writing) will not be valued or desired. “ “The fear of rejection […]

Why Every Artist Needs a Confession Booth

Naming Our Truths as Creative People

You’ve just stepped into a confession booth, but don’t worry: I’m not a priest, and you don’t have to share your sins with me. This is a different kind of confession. I want to know your deepest fears and greatest hopes as a writer, artist, musician, leader, designer, or other creative role. What’s your deep […]

How to Develop a Book Concept That Has Bestseller Potential

Identifying Readers’ Needs to Make Sure They’ll Be Attracted to Your Book

Recently a writer friend told me about her desire to write a book that wakes people up. “Everybody’s asleep,” she said, “they need to be woken up!” “OK,” I said, “but look at it from your readers’ perspective. What’s the need they would tell you they have that you want to help them with?” We […]

4 “Aha!” Strategies for Enhancing Your Writing

Simple Steps for Creating Epiphany Moments for Your Readers

Few videos are more mesmerizing to me than those that feature people who go from not being able to do something to suddenly doing it. In the following video, for example, an older colorblind man puts on special glasses and is able to see color for the first time. This is a beautiful example of […]

5 Ways Stories Can Make Your Writing Irresistible

Discovering the Many Forms of Narrative

The one thing all good writers have in common is the ability to tell stories. Stories draw us in. And when we read good stories from a particular author, we want to go back when that author tells more stories. It’s as if a transaction is always occurring just below the surface between author and […]

5 Ways Writing Can Increase Intimacy between You and Your Spouse

Inviting Your Spouse into the Creative Process

My friend and coworker started off our premarried class by proclaiming to a room full of optimistic but naïve engaged and dating couples, “MARRIAGE IS HARD, AND YOU’RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!” While the chances of death for each of us continues to clock in at a solid 100 percent, all married couples know the […]

6 Takeaways for Writers from the #1 New York Times Bestseller *Originals*

Strategies to Help You Truly Stand Out and Make Your Mark Forever

As I’ve gone about my travels recently, one book has stood out to me again and again. For one thing the cover is irresistibly head-turning; the promise of the title is also compelling. I’m referring to Originals: How Non-Conformists Move the World, the #1 New York Times bestseller from respected Wharton business school professor Adam Grant. I […]

Veteran Book Publicist Reveals How to Attract Media Attention

An Interview with Heather Adams, Cofounder of Choice Media and Communications 

Book publishers often think of publicity as the Holy Grail of marketing and for good reason: Media attention has the potential to skyrocket sales. So how does it all work and what do writers need to know about attracting media attention? To find out I turned to 20-year book publicist Heather Adams of Choice Media […]