DO YOUR ART: A Manifesto on Rejecting Apathy to Bring Your Best to the World (FREE ebook)

Well-known creativity expert Todd Henry wrote, “Chad’s manifesto delivers a simple but profound truth: you have unique art to offer the world, and deliberate action is the only path to making it happen. A wonderful (and welcome) kick in the pants!”

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Finish Your Book! (FREE Online Mini-course)

This course is designed around three steps to help you start and finish your book:

  1. Develop a compelling book concept.
  2. Design your writing process
  3. Plan a writing retreat

With these three elements in mind, I developed a sequence of free videos and worksheets—the Finish Your Book! mini-course. Inside you’ll find:

  • Seven brief teaching videos
  • An infographic on how to develop a compelling book concept
  • A worksheet to help you design your writing process, and
  • A planner to help you schedule and plan an effective writing retreat

The whole course should take you less than 90 minutes, and at the end of it you’ll be set up to finish your book once and for all. If you’re serious about finishing your book, this course is just what you need (and it’s completely free).

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Book Proposal Academy ($500 Premium Course)

The only way to get a book deal and the best way to start your nonfiction book project is by writing a book proposal.

This is the best course available on everything you need to know about crafting a compelling nonfiction book proposal.

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Book Proposal Review ($750 Premium Course and Coaching Service)

You get one chance to make a first impression. When it comes to submitting your nonfiction book proposal to a literary agent or book publisher, often you get one chance—period.

How your proposal is received will determine whether you secure representation, land a book contract, or at least get the opportunity to have ongoing dialogue with an agent or editor.

Having reviewed thousands of nonfiction book proposals, I can help. Together we will strengthen your proposal so you can submit it with confidence, knowing you’ve done everything you can to maximize your chances.

Here’s how it works:

  • I give you VIP access to my six-module, 35-video course Book Proposal Academy (including four sample book proposals that won book contracts and access to a private community).
  • You send me your completed or nearly completed book proposal.
  • Within 30 days I review your book proposal and send you my initial feedback.
  • We schedule a 45-minute call and go into more detail about how to make your proposal the best it can be.
  • You implement my feedback and re-send your proposal.
  • I give you my final input.
  • You make final tweaks and refinements and send it off to agents and/or publishers!

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Please note: This service is limited to one book proposal review per month.

Personal Coaching Program ($250 per month)

In my role as editorial director for a major trade book publisher, I have to say no—a lot.

That’s why I love one-on-one coaching. I get to say YES again and again to your dream of getting your book into the world. Together we’ll make it happen.

Coaching and mentoring has fast become one of the most fulfilling parts of my career.

If you are interested in working with me as your personal coach, click here.

Please note: This program is limited to 20 clients at a time.